Town of Olive meeting (follow-up to Agenda 21 email)

All local Tea Party members are invited and encouraged to attend a public hearing on Monday evening, Aug 8, at 7:00 PM at the Town of Olive Meeting Hall on Bostok road; just off route 28.

At this meeting you will be able to observe the arrogance of the town board as they attempt to impose an unwanted and far reaching Comprehensive Plan on the townspeople who had virtually no say in it’s behind closed doors creation. And to see how a townspeople come together to stand up for their rights.

Notes on behavior: Peaceful, orderly and polite are the rules for this meeting. It’s not a protest. We are there to observe possible corruption and participate in the process in a civil manner. Loud and disruptive behavior will result in ejection. But most importantly, it will hurt our cause and give unfriendly media an opportunity to degrade the tea party movement.

And we expect that there may be more than just the usual local media. Some NY, and perhaps national media could attend. We have plenty of supporting documentation regarding the shenanigans that have taken place so far. Any response to any media question should be a simple “It’s all in the papers.” Don’t kick yourself in the mouth.

References to “Agenda 21” and “they’re stealing our property” while understandable to us only make us easy targets for “tin hat” and “conspiracy nut” labels and should therefore be avoided.

There are two distinct issues playing out here. A, the outlandish and bizarre plan that they are attempting to impose on the town, and B, the secretive and fraudulent process which was used to create that plan. At this time, it is that process that we are focusing on.

Come one, come all.

Agenda 21 coming to a town near you. Olive, NY

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