UN Agenda 21 is coming to NY’s Hudson Valley!

And must be stopped by informed citizens. Tell your elected officials NO.

Agenda 21, sustainable living initiatives may sound good on the surface as presented but the ulterior motives are indeed sinister. Educate yourself and educate your neighbors, friends and members of your community.

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Agenda 21: A Sustained Attack On Property Rights


Agenda 21:

Originally posted on ACGR's "News with Attitude":

Kurt Nimmo
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In a video produced by Infowars Nightly News journalists Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, University of Texas professor Dean Almy attempts to downplay one of the central tenets of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 – property confiscation.

Almy argues that the word “collective” used by the Agenda 21 crowd is not some sort of Soviet buzzword. It’s simply people getting together to make decisions about their communities.

But despite his attempt to soften the blow of collectivism and make it more palatable and less threatening, Almy told the Texas Tribune in August that the “collective good” should rule over the rights of the individual.

“It’s changing the status quo of how we operate as a country that is developing, and so it’s threatening to some people,” Almy said. “Urban design by its nature is about the collective good, and it isn’t necessarily about the freedom…

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Agenda 21, sustainable development whatever it is called must be stopped and it has to start at the local level.

Originally posted on ACGR's "News with Attitude":

Texas Tribune

A Lubbock County judge’s comments last week that President Obama might cede U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations and spark a civil war have been widely ridiculed. But concerns about U.N. overreach are gaining ground, with the attacks mostly focused on a 20-year-old nonbinding U.N. resolution called Agenda 21.

Texas critics of the resolution have seen their fears echoed by activists at city council meetings around the state and adopted by some of the state’s Republican leaders.

Agenda 21 was signed by more than 170 countries, including the U.S., in 1992 and aims to encourage governments to promote environmentally friendly development such as preserving open spaces and discouraging urban sprawl. A variety of organizations around the world promote similar principles.

Such issues have become of particular concern in fast-growing Texas. Many regions are struggling to integrate a steady stream of new residents while avoiding gridlocked roads and…

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We must defeat Agenda 21 and it starts at the local level!

Originally posted on Mountain Republic:

A well done video about Agenda 21 and its inherent dangers.


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Originally posted on Mountain Republic:

Jurriaan Maessen

In the last couple of years the omnipresent force known as Agenda 21 is meeting with increasing resistance worldwide. With the rise of the alternative media, the flow of decade-long propaganda efforts is finally being hindered. As a result of rocks thrown in the stream- the once steady water flow is now exposing itself at every turn as it’s forced to bend and twist its way forward. Ironically, the UN and its affiliate accomplices have themselves to thank for the counter-effort. The internet- as well as some pretty thorough archiving on the part of these transnational bureaucracies- have allowed researchers to withdraw information directly from the lion’s den. As a result of this development, we can display a plethora of documents, often written by UN personnel and ideologues, that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a concerted strategy in place to brainwash (there’s…

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Agenda 21 is here, now. Alive and well and must be stopped!

Rosa Koire, Olive NY, Scenic Byway = Agenda 21?

Rosa Koire: Presentation at the Olive Free Library, Town of Olive, NY June 28th, 2012

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Agenda 21 is completely against our Constitutional rights. It is A UN/NWO power grab hidden behind nice sounding names.
Bob A.

Originally posted on a12iggymom's Blog:

After hiding under the radar for more than 19 years, Agenda 21 became the cause of 2011 as thousands of concerned Americans began to study United Nations documents side – by – side with their local comprehensive development plans. To the horror of most, they found identical language – and the battle was on.

Fighting Back

The battle to stop Agenda 21 in local communities and in state legislatures has taken several varied but effective paths. In my travels to speak to more than 38 groups in 12 states in 2011, I have been privilege to meet and work with some of the most amazing activists I’ve even encountered. I’ve also been able to meet with state legislators in four states, along with a large number of county commissioners and city councilmen – all eager to learn about Agenda 21 and how to stop it. Here are some of the…

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Tom DeWeese – Raleigh, NC on Agenda 21

Via Loopyloo My Blog

Tom DeWeese – Raleigh, NC

Agenda 21 – Part 1
Introduction to Agenda 21

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